Best Mens Bracelets


Purpose of a good looking bracelet is not different from any other piece of jewelery.

A bracelets purpose is to compliment your look, not intended to be the central focus of your outfit. The bracelet is actually a piece of ornate worn mostly on the wrist. Do not be tempted to think that bracelets are only for females. They are but there are bracelets for men too. Bracelets are another opportunity to enhance your personal style and add to your looks for any occasion. Whatever budget, whatever style, there are different types of men's bracelets and pearls to suit your taste.

  • Leather-mostly used by females, using this as a male answer the question - '' Are you man enough to wear this? '' If you're also considering wearing multiple bracelets on one arm for a stylish look, a leather bracelet serves that purpose.
  • Woven bracelets - this is definitely a perfect way to bring some color to an event.
  • Beaded- this is definitely in vogue now. This can be seen on the wrists of a natty man in suit. 
  • Rule; the bigger the bead the more casual the bracelet. For a more formal look, keep it simple with smaller beads.
  • Metal - this is not for office use. If you work in a conservative office, sideline the metal bracelets. 
  • Bu when you have the opportunity, wear them with a more subdued outfit.

  • What form the bracelet takes largely depends on the type of outfit you would like to wear.
  • If you are a regular and regular, metallic is a natural outfit.
  • If you are the tropical shirts and pants type, leather and beaded bracelets would probably give you a rough natural look.
  • In both cases, the role of the bracelets remains the same; emphasizing your overall look.
  • Finally, the most important thing to note when using a bracelet is getting the size right.


Bracelets should be treated as wristwatches-stay angst on the skin, under the sleeves.
Never choose multiples of thick bracelets; you can stack up many thin cord bracelets on the same wrist.
Never wear bracelets on the same wrist as wrist bare always looks better.
Matching bracelets on each wrist should never be an option for you.

On the other hand, pearls are not for men of modern occurrence my opinion though. Pearls are a symbol of royalty and power. My Pearls  could either be in the form of necklaces, crowns, costumes, clothing and awards.
  • Pearls mostly seen in necklaces, earrings (which most men do not put on), rings, pendants and bracelets. In modern times, pearls rarely seen on men are often seen as tie tacks, cuff links.
  • Men have been wearing pearl crowns for centuries. Perfect example is the official crown of England. Although it is being worn by a woman now.
  • Different organizations make use of pearls in their ceremonies as well as an example of the official headdress of a bishop of the western church.
  • Pearls have also been given to men as awards; Queen Elizabeth 1 awarded many of her soldiers with pendants. If bracelets and pearls are so beautiful, i wonder why tongues should wag when men wear them.